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Silver: 29.05
Platinum: 959.60

Sell Diamonds in Long Island, NY – Get the Best Offer for Your Diamond

Selling Diamonds
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Nassau Gold Buyers: Your Premium Diamond Buyer on Long Island, New York

Get the best deal selling your diamond at Nassau Gold Buyers. Our experienced team provides fair and transparent evaluations, ensuring you receive top dollar for your precious diamonds.

Step into the World of Nassau Gold Buyers, the Premier Destination for Diamond Selling on Long Island, New York

Our GIA-certified diamond buyers are the shining beacons of expertise in this industry, with a trusted track record spanning over 20 years. We aren’t just diamond buyers on Long Island; we are an institution that understands and respects the inherent value of your diamonds. Whether you’re looking to part with a sparkling diamond engagement ring or a luxurious diamond necklace, Nassau Gold Buyers is your trusted partner, offering unbeatable prices for diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

Experience the Nassau Gold Buyers Diamond Buying Difference

At Nassau Gold Buyers, we stand out for our dedication to the values of integrity, transparency, and exceptional customer service. As a diamond seller, you’re not merely making a transaction but engaging in a process that honors the true worth of your diamonds. We ensure that every diamond seller on Long Island and the surrounding areas gets the highest possible prices for their precious gems.

Unlock the True Value of Your Diamonds When Selling on Long Island

Transcend the ordinary diamond selling experience at Nassau Gold Buyers. Here, we make it our mission to recognize the real value of your diamonds, rewarding you with our top-dollar offers. Take the guesswork out of the diamond selling process and step into a world of fair transactions, professional appraisals, and unmatched industry knowledge, right here on Long Island, NY. At Nassau Gold Buyers, we don’t just buy diamonds; we cultivate a relationship of trust, appreciation, and respect for their unparalleled worth.

We Buy Diamonds of All Shapes and Sizes!

Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds

Dazzling Princess Cut Diamonds

Elegant Emerald Cut Diamonds

Charming Pear Shaped Diamonds

Graceful Oval Cut Diamonds

Vibrant Radiant Cut Diamonds

Exquisite Diamond Engagement Rings

Stunning Diamond Wedding Bands

Fashionable Diamond Rings

Sophisticated Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Luxurious Diamond Necklaces

Statement Diamond Pendants

Chic Diamond Earrings

Delicate Diamond Studs

Exceptional Loose Diamonds

Custom Diamond Jewelry Pieces

And so much more!

We value every diamond piece, irrespective of its shape or size. Our mission at Nassau Gold Buyers is to ensure that you get the highest possible return for your precious diamond pieces. Bring your diamonds to Nassau Gold Buyers and experience the difference.